A Blue New Year With Party Tables

In 2018, tranquil shades of blue will grace the most elegant homes and tables. It’s the new ‘it’ color for home decor: replacing beige and tans this year in paint, and home accessories. Look around, and you’ll begin to see furniture, flooring, and tile in every shade of blue imaginable from aquatic turquoise to more serious cadet blue.  A solid navy table linen has now become the perfect foundation for an elegant table setting. Printed linens in shades of blue, silver, and black have become a trendy accent for any event.

The Psychology of Blue 
Blue elicits feelings of peaceful tranquility. It’s the shade of the ocean and the sky. When we see blue: our brains automatically associate it with calm seas and a beautiful cloudless sky. Darker shades of blue in chic satin may evoke a romantic starry night.

For a Corporate Event
Your client may want to use images from your event in ads for print media and online:  A deep or navy blue will be the ideal backdrop to let your client’s product become the focus. Dark blue gives clients the impression of power and security. Darker shades of blue symbolize knowledge, integrity, seriousness, and expertise.

For Your Family Event 
Blue is a refreshing neutral for 2018. Consider a softer shade of blue for your wedding or other family event theme. A pale stone blue table looks sophisticated and very up to date. Primary shades of blue coordinate with a variety of other colors and add interest.

Use of Blue in Printed Linens
Blue is a color that automatically draws in the eye, and works beautifully as a pop of color in a gray and white print. A Geometric or exotic mandala print on a clean white background will add a touch of modern luxe. Mixing prints on table linens is possible, but keep your client’s taste and reputation in mind. If you want to add some whimsical in your event theme: try alternating geometric printed napkins in coordinating colors on each table. Finish event lounging areas off with pillows in a coordinating blue printed fabric for a distinctive touch to your event’s design.

New Blue Party Tables Linens

Party Tables Julian Cerulean-Blue LinenJulian Cerulean Blue is the perfect linen for those who may be intimidated by bold patterns. The subtle stripes of the dark cerulean blue paired with the hints of beige and silver metallic make this a beautiful linen for any table at your next event.

Party Tables Milos NavyThe new Party Tables linen, Milos Navy is characteristic of Grecian design, named after the Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Used on cocktail tables to make a statement or on a dining table along with a monochromatic centerpiece to create a point of interest, our Milos Navy is the perfect addition to your event.

Party Tables Milos Navy ReverseMilos Navy (Reverse) offers the same classic Grecian feel as Milos Navy, but with a lighter feel. Mix and match event linens by using both of our Milos styles – this combination adds dimension and interest when used in the same space.

Party Tables Emir SapphireEmir Sapphire exudes noble luxury with a base of clean white and blue accents. This traditional pattern, when used on a cocktail table can offer a fresh and bold accent to a pre-function space.

Party Tables Hoopla BlueHoopla Blue, a contemporary favorite, offers just the right amount of whimsy to any event. The circles are a welcome element of fun, used in a repetitive pattern they dress up any occasion – particularly perfect for corporate events.

Party Tables Indigo VelvetOur Indigo Velvet is a beautiful solid navy blue that creates depth in any event space. Adding the luxury of velvet to environments is back in trend, and the sheen of this beautiful velvet in combination with it’s deep blue hue is pure luxury.

If in the New Year you find yourself wanting to draw your guests’ attention to this ‘on trend color’ in your event’s design, then look no further than our newest blue additions. Contact us to see how we can transform your next occasion!

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