Linen Color Trends for Fall 2018 Events

PT marc-marchal-406853-unsplashFall is right around the corner, and with it comes a warm, luxurious color palette. When planning your fall event, there are a number of trendy colors to keep in mind. The trending colors for this fall lean more toward rich neutral tones, combining warmth and comfort with elegance and sophistication.

Navy Blue is a top color this fall. If you want to avoid black but keep the elegant tone of darker colors, then Navy Blue is an excellent choice for linens and décor. The beauty of Navy is in its versatility. It can be used as a sophisticated base color or as an accent color. Navy is quickly becoming a classic neutral that can be combined with other neutrals as well as more vibrant accent colors.Party Tables indigo velvet

Indigo Velvet

Another trending classic for fall is Neutral Gray. Like Navy Blue, Neutral Gray can be paired with other neutrals or more vivid colors, but it has a softer quality, making it a perfect choice for those who want to add a more understated elegance to their fall event.Party Tables Valentina Dove

Valentia Dove

A more obvious (but just as hot for autumn) color choice for fall can only be described as a browned or burned orange. On the Pantone color guide they describe this chic shade as “Meerkat” or “Autumn Maple.” Both of these toasty shades are muted enough to be considered neutrals and work well as a great base color or accent color. As a base color, either can make your event feel warm and homey; as an accent, both can add a needed pop of color that still exudes the essence of fall.Party Tables Avalon Spice

Avalon Spice 

A midrange Beige—think lightly toasted bread or the inside of an almond—is an excellent on-trend choice this fall. As the ultimate neutral, a midrange Beige is a fantastic base color for linens and drapery because it can be easily accented. Its warmth adds a sense of comfort to event decor while still allowing for elegant touches from other rich neutrals or bold accent colors.Party Tables Vincent Barley

Vincent Barley

A combination of textures and patterns in any of fall’s trending colors will add elegance, warmth, and refinement to your fall event. If the changing of the season has you wanting to draw your guests’ attention to any of these on-trend colors then connect with us and learn more about choosing linens and drapery that perfectly accentuates your event’s design!