On Trend With Four Styles Of Ceiling Drapery

After linen rentals, drapery is one of the most requested services that Party Tables provides for events. There are so many different ways to drape an environment, especially when it comes to ceiling drapery. Depending on the type of ceiling and style of event, adding drapery can completely transform a space. For both standard and custom installations, Party Tables has an experienced team that’s not only creative but understands the aesthetics, techniques and hardware to beautifully drape just about any look or location a client might request!

Over the years we’ve draped ceilings in many different ways for clients. In this blog we’re sharing four of our favorite ceiling treatments: full ceiling, swagged, centerpiece focused and colored fabric drapery. Enjoy photo examples below of each, and if you have a drapery vision for your upcoming event let us know…our team would love to jump in to make that dream a reality!

Drapery that covers the entire ceiling of a space adds glamour and elegance, with and without the addition of ‘twinkle lighting.’ This drapery style is great for transforming a space or enhancing an event’s theme. It also helps with masking unsightly elements, like poorly maintained ceilings and unfortunate ceiling fixtures. An added bonus is that it helps to eliminate acoustic noise. And in rooms that have very high ceilings, full ceiling drapery creates a warm and intimate atmosphere, bringing the perceived ceiling height down to a more comfortable scale for guests.

Full Ceiling Collage PT

This style of ceiling drapery is light and airy in feel. Instead of using full ceiling coverage, fabric is draped in separated sections from one hanging point to the other – with added volume in how the fabric hangs. This treatment works perfectly when you’re working around fixtures or ceiling hardware that should be left uncovered (or around a ceiling feature that’s beautiful enough to leave exposed). It’s also great for adding a focal point that’s sure to be a ‘wow’ factor as guests enter for the event!

Swagged Drapery Party TablesSwagged Drapery Collage PT

Do you have a floral arrangement or art piece that will be a major focal point on the ceiling for your event? Add drapery and make it even more spectacular! We love installing drapery in a radiant pattern around a beautiful center room focus. As with full ceiling drapery, this style of drapery will also help to eliminate acoustic noise, and creates a warm and intimate atmosphere for guests.

Centerpiece Drapery Collage 2 PTcenterpiece 3COLOR DRAPERY
Most often ceiling drapery is installed using a variety of white or ivory sheer fabrics – perfectly acceptable, and easy to project pretty lighting patterns and color effects onto. But when we have the opportunity to customize an event with colored fabric we are thrilled! We encourage clients to be fearless when it comes to adding color to unexpected places at an event…like the ceiling. Color ceiling drapery will take an event from ‘just so-so’ to spectacular! A ceiling highlighted in a rich hue is an amazing, memorable design detail – one your guests will not forget any time soon!

Color Drapery 1 Party TablesColor Drapery 2 Party Tables

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